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Celebrity Solstice

With the introduction of the Solstice class of ships, the Celebrity Cruises line has entered a new era of ships. All ships are larger and with greater capacity, but it continues with the same value proposition, being a "small" cruise line that offers a personalized service.

Doubts arose with the birth of their ships of the Millennium Class, because they are very large. But the line did quite well add a number of improvements that pleased even the most fervent fans of smaller ships, and maintain its market excellence.

Celebrity attracts a diverse passenger base, from baby boomers and their families, as well as seniors and honeymoon couples. In addition to American travelers, the cruise line also attracts passengers from Canada, Europe and South America. Longer journeys in more distant places, either to Europe or to South America, tend to attract an older audience, while navigating From a week to places like the Caribbean and Alaska are attractions for families.

To attract more multi-demographic groups, Celebrity's family programs have expanded to target teenagers as well as children, with a plan to include more enrichment and education programs. The thrust of the line to be recognized as "modern luxury" is intended to attract a population of young urban professionals.

The investment also took place in the rich programming on board, in the gastronomy, in the foods and wines of high quality. That is, whether you are a cruise lover, no matter if you are older, whether you are on honeymoon, or on vacation with family. The Celebrity is the perfect ship for you.




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