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See Florida's famous flamingos and also a lot of native animals and plants while visiting Flamingo Gardens in Ft. Lauderdale. Watch animals such as alligators, panthers and peacocks, and stroll through lush gardens full of butterflies and hummingbirds, ancient oaks, orchids, bromeliads and more. Stroll through the large open nursery where birds fly free and check out the Wray Museum, which shows a typical 1930s southern Florida home.

The entrance to the Flamingo Gardens takes you to a 60-acre (24-hectare) wildlife sanctuary with tropical botanical gardens and a large group of native Florida creatures rescued such as alligators, eagles, otters, bears, lynx, panthers, peacocks and, of course, flamingos.

Explore the plants and subtropical trees of the Wray Botanical Garden, which features some of the greatest examples of its kind in Florida. Then stroll through the Everglades Wildlife Sanctuary, home to more than 80 native creatures. Watch an expert trainer perform a rendezvous with wildlife at a show that features raptors and reptiles. You will learn more about the life of these species in the Florida habitat.

Stroll through the theme gardens, such as the Butterfly Garden and the Hummingbird Gardens, where you can see species such as the red-necked hummingbird, Malachite butterflies from South America and the rare yellow-spotted pink butterfly. See orchids, bromeliads and other aerial plants that hang between the branches of a grove of oaks that are more than 200 years old.


Marvel at your winged friends in the 2,320-square-foot nursery that is home to one of America's largest wading bird collections. The five ecosystems of the Everglades are represented: the coastal prairie, the cypress forest, the mangrove, the subtropical hardwood forest and the cladium prairie.

Caribbean flamingos parade around Flamingo Pond, a favorite spot among visitors. The Bird of Prey Center houses owls, vultures, hawks and the golden eagles and American eagle.

You can also visit the Wray Museum, located in the old family home that owned this land. Built in 1933, the residence was restored to provide a taste of life in a typical South Florida country house in the 1930s. If you get hungry during your visit, snacks and drinks can be bought at the market and at the café.



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