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Bahamas is a country formed by several islands, each one with its particularity and its history, and the most important, amazing beaches and natural beauties to take the breath away.

In fact, Bahamas is a country formed by several paradises! Located just 80 miles away from the coast of Florida, Bimini is the nearest Bahamian island from US. With almost untouched and stunning beaches, it is surely an incredible getaway to relax and recharge.

Bimini in a day is a tour that allows you to enjoy everything that this wonderful island can offer with a great deal. It is certainly the best cost-benefit for you to get to know Bahamas on a trip leaving from Miami.

In a Fast Boat make a quiet and wonderful journey of leisure options to Bimini. It's a 2 hour trip, but you can be sure that you will be so entertained that you will not even see time passes!

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